Lava Orange Porsche 991 GT3 Project

Here we have a brand new Porsche 991 GT3 in a color that has come to define the 991 GT3 and GT3 RS in almost every sense of the word. Lava Orange.

This is a car that arrived at the HG Performance Tuning Studio even before the owner had actually driven it. Yep. The car came straight from the dealership, DDW Auto Sales in Arizona, in an enclosed trailer, and arrived at our door with roughly 10 miles on the clock. They really don’t come any newer than this.

Porsche 991 GT3 Lava Orange

The car was to get:

  • Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust System with Diffuser
  • EVOMSit Performance Tune
  • BBI Street Cup Suspension
  • BBI 991 GT3 Roll Bar
  • Alignment and Set Up

The plan was that towards the end of the project, the owner would come out to drive the car. Then, it would come back to our studio for final dialing in. Within a few days of arrival, we had installed the Akrapovic exhaust, flashed the EVOMSit tune, as well as installed the BBI Street Cup suspension and roll bar. An alignment was done as well before the car was to be driven. This was completed just a day or two before Christmas.

BBI Porsche 991 GT3 Roll Bar

The BBI roll bar was installed to complete the project. The car will be shipped to the owner shortly after a full detail and some more photos.

Before we shipped the car back to Texas, the owner of the 991 GT3 flew to San Diego for the holidays and drove the car during the Christmas weekend. He then brought the car back with a couple hundred break-in miles on the odometer. Alain Alba, our master tech managing the project, had the next task of changing the oil – a common practice early in the break-in process of performance cars. The oil change was done with TORCO racing oil as per the recommendation by BBI Autosport. The car will be seeing track time at Circuit of the Americas, so running high quality racing oil is a must.

Consider this simply a compendium of the entire build. We’re about to wrap up the year and we’re sending 2015 out with a bang. We’ll be going into more detail in follow up posts. We also have video of the exhaust install and many more photos as well. We will also be documenting the build on RENNLIST forums.

Build write-ups:

BBI StreetCup Suspension