Mercedes-Benz CLA Class Performance Products

The Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 and CLA 45 AMG are very capable platforms out of the box. These cars are sporty, good looking, handle well and are relatively affordable specially when compared to other Mercedes-Benz cars. As far as CLA Class performance goes, there’s still a lot you can do to improve.



As is the case with other production cars, there is always room for improvement. Being that the CLA Class cars are turbocharged, drivetrain bolt-on upgrades and tuning go a long way in producing more power.



At HG Performance we have been working on the Mercedes CLA Class platform since it was introduced to the US Market. Because of this we have been able to gather a lot of knowledge and a lot of experience related to these cars. To make it even better, we own not one, but two CLA cars – a CLA250 and a CLA45 AMG. These are cars that we drive constantly and are used to rigorously test our tunes and performance products.

HGMS Mercedes CLA45 AMG on a Wet Track

HGMS CLA 250 Parking Garage



We have an in-house dyno. This means that every time we need to test a change or any kind of tweak to a product or tune, it’s just a matter of putting the car on the dyno. Since we don’t have to book dyno time elsewhere, we are free to make tests at a moment’s notice, making for tunes that have thoroughly been tested and we can trust.


The Mercedes-Benz CLA250 and CLA45 AMG, while being very sporty from factory, they are still very quiet and tamed. This is of course to keep in line with satisfying the standard requirements of production luxury vehicles. This is also necessary in order to be able to cast a wide net and satisfy the biggest possible demographic of buyers. The downside is that this is not in the best interest of the car enthusiast. We hate being pigeonholed into a conformed box and we like our cars to perform at the highest level they can.

HGMS CLA 45 AMG Intake Parts

It’s up to us, the genuine car enthusiasts, to unlock the performance potential of the CLA Class cars. This performance potential involves a balance of increased power, a more sporty sound, better braking and better handling. Bring all of these improvements together and you can watch and feel your CLA250 or CLA45 AMG go from good to great.



Some of the HG Performance performance products for the CLA250 and CLA45, like the CLA250 intake and the engine damper also fits A / CLA / GLA cars. One example is the CLA250 intake which fits the B250 perfectly.

HG Performance CLA250 Intercooler

For those of you looking for simple “a la carte” CLA 45 and CLA 250 upgrades, you can pick and choose from a great variety of new products. Then, for those inclined to have larger gains with easy choosing of upgrades, we offer stage packages. Those stage packages include a tune specially created for the upgraded performance parts within that package.

The HG Performance performance parts for the Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 and CLA 45 AMG have been very carefully created for an optimum balance between power, sound and braking/handling upgrades.


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