Street Performance Audi S4

Our clients Audi S4 will now be able take on the hills more aggressively after a few performance upgrades.

For the straights, a less restrictive intake and exhaust will liberate some of this supercharged engine’s power. The stock intake and exhaust limited the amount of airflow the car was getting in turn limiting the amount of power the engine could make. More power gets our client going faster and pulling out of turns sooner.

For the turns, the car received H&R lowering  springs and a set of HRE P40 wheels with fresh, sticky tires. With the lower center of gravity, stiffer springs, and sticky tires the client will be able to dive deeper into turns without the car pushing through optimum driving line. The wheels are lighter than the factory wheels improving power performance by having less rotational mass. This gets more of the engine’s power to the ground, all while looking fantastic for shows, meets, and just cruising the streets.

Main photo provided by Trevor Thompson of