BMW F80 M3 Build – A Man of Many Shoes

Never lacking in creativity and style, Matt never lets the car community down when it comes to going through many iterations of a car. Famous for going through several wheel set ups, we believe this time he has outdone himself.

We’ve seen his F10 M5, his fully built supercharged E92 M3, his M235i widebody build, and his 911’s. We’ve seen the dozens of wheel set ups he has done over the long term of ownership. However, this is the first time we’ve seen him take delivery of a car, drive directly to a shop, and in the span of a week, go through 3 different sets of wheels.


BMW F80 M3 Build – Project Oso M3

Matt’s F80 M3 build began life as a Silverstone Metallic on Sakhir Orange and Black Full Merino Leather, with Carbon Fiber trim and M Performance Exhaust. Already an incredible starting point, this M3 was surely headed towards greatness.



To begin, the exterior components had to flow with the rest of the car. The carbon fiber interior trim and roof are essential design components, and any additional items had to match the theme. IND sent us a full set of 3DDesign Carbon Fiber goodies, including their full rear diffuser, front lip, side skirts and a trunk lip. IND also sent us their very own designed 1×1 carbon fiber weave mirror caps to match the carbon fiber roof we all love.



The interior was already incredibly gorgeous. The Sakhir Orange over Black leather gives the monochromatic scheme of the car just the right amount of color, with incredible detail in the stitching and multiple components to match. Matthew decided to stay true to OEM, so a BMW Performance alcantara steering wheel alongside BMW Performance mats were installed.



BMW’s EDC system is an incredible one, providing comfort and sportiness, with 3 different settings of stiffness at only the press of a button away. Unfortunately, the system cannot be adjusted, and the height is something us in the car world find hard to live with. One of the best alternatives to this are the products by KW Suspensions, and for Matt’s M3, the versatility of the V3’s made them the best candidate. We installed them with street comfort in mind, and made adjustments to the rebound and compression accordingly. To negate the EDC unit fault codes when they are modified, a KW EDC-Delete kit was installed alongside.

With the intent of having a variety of wheels on the car and not wanting to have issues with a big brake kit’s clearance, the OEM calipers were refinished and color matched to Silverstone Metallic. Needless to say, they came out perfect, and the ///M logo adds the OEM touch. CustomCalipers did an impeccable job on these.



Even before the M3 arrived, our parts room had two different sets of Volk’s already in it. Both had been ordered for Matt, and both looked incredible. What we had here were G25 D-BK 2015 Limited Edition’s in Pressed Black and G25’s in Formula Silver Black Clear.

Project Oso M3 Version 0.5 Beta began and ended quickly, with the G25 D-BK Limited Editions. They are definitely fantastic in person, and the wheel finish on the spokes gives off an almost prism color range under direct light. Truly a wheel choice worthy of this M3.

Version 1.0, which we must clarify, began a couple of days after Beta was released into the wild, featured the Formula Silver Black Clear set, and is incredibly on point.

Version 2.0, a week later, features the BBS FI-R’s, an incredible wheel design with pocketed spokes for maximum weight savings. These are finished in Platinum Gloss, and are so far our favorite set.

We hereby submit Matt’s early entrance to the National Wheel Hall of Fame.