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Dyno Tuning Pros in San Diego

Dyno Tuning is an art form. Each vehicle is unique because of the small differences that go into each one. Consider production date, temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, fuel quality, and the tooling used–examples of environmental factors that create slight differences during the build process that will affect the vehicle’s drive. That being said, there is one key factor that determines the biggest difference in a dyno tune above all the rest, which is the driver behind the wheel. Every driver is different and has their own unique way of driving, and that is our focus point when we customize a dyno tune.

Customized for your driving style
Perfectly tuned for your driving environment
Expert model and year knowledge
Enhanced power, drivability, and fuel economy

Customized Tuning Maps

Taking every aspect into consideration and planning for the worst is usually how one would create what is called a base map, shelf map, or OEM (original equipment manufacturer) map. Though these maps work well for the standard vehicle, this usually leaves quite a bit of room on the table in regards to fuel economy, torque, and power. Of course adjusting simple things such as ignition advance, fuel control, and airflow to the engine will allow for improvements and create a larger horsepower or torque number, but it does not necessarily take into account the potential of the vehicle, atmospheric conditions, or the varying styles of driving each person experiences.


A customized map doesn’t only offer improved power and torque figures on a dyno chart, it also takes into account the drivability of the vehicle on and off the track. The final dyno numbers are only about 20% of any tune we provide, and we take into account your particular driving style and the true ability of the vehicle. Small things such as engine response in an out of a corner in any gear, under any load, and any atmospheric condition are considered when tuning a vehicle. Varying loads of throttle input offer a much wider foot to throttle control system; not just an ON/OFF switch, but a system for dialing in those corners at the track or determining the friction point of your tires, cold, warm or hot.


As the technology of the world advances, so must the professional tuners of our staff continue to grow through education, firsthand experience, and listening to the customers’ requests so we may apply and develop state-of-the-art customized tunes for our customers.

Atmospheric Conditions Considered:

Temperature: 0 – 120 Degrees Fahrenheit
Elevation: 0 – 14110 Vertical Feet


We believe consistent, reliable, and smooth are a winning combination, more so than anything else. Note we did not say power or torque, as we have created custom tunes with less peak power but a smoother, more controllable, consistent feel which makes for a tune that not only wins on the track, but off the track as well.