High Performance Suspension System

Suspension components are one of the most important aspects of a car and can drastically determine the driving characteristics. Specific suspension components and how they react under certain driving applications are key factors in making a car feel the way that it does. From complete comfort and street driving, to precise handling and road racing, to the full adjustability of an air-bagged system, HG Performance is able to choose the right suspension system that best suits and performs for your needs. Partnering with the best in the industry like Öhlins, KW Suspensions, Bilstein, HP Drivetech and Accuair, we are able to ensure the best components are installed by our certified technicians who are experienced and well versed in the inner workings of suspension tuning and installation.


Learn more about how we can modify your suspension system to increase the drivability and performance, as well as comfort and reliability.

AirBagged R8 Suspension Project