Airbagged R8 – Going Low The Right Way


Not all car builds begin the same way. Some are often spur of the moment afterthoughts, with parts purchased over time not necessarily designed to work as a team, following a budget in mind towards a general goal of what the car is to look like and perform.

This isn’t one of those builds. Antonio’s R8 arrived at HG Performance with the simple goal of being one of the best air-suspension equipped R8’s on the roads. Although “best” is a subjective term, we tackled the project with full confidence that we would arrive somewhere near what “best” should be.

The research began with finding a suspension system that offered a motorsport approach and quality that could be coupled with adjustability for daily drivability and comfort. We reached out to our air-suspension partners, Accuair and HP Drivetech, who had created a kit specifically for the R8, with Bilstein Clubsports adjustable struts and an Accuair Air Management system with a TouchPad control unit.

This kit had only been installed in one other R8, so direct instructions were not an option. Our Performance Technicians had to use their skill and expertise to complete the build in an innovative way, by creating custom brackets and developing the kit as the build went on.

The result is a completely adjustable suspension system that provides comfort and reliability, as well as a high level of performance and drivability.

To complete Stage 1 of this build, we’ve added an EVOMS Intake System, to satisfy the want for a bit more power for now. Stage 2 and 3 will include forced induction and transmission upgrades.

Suspension: – Accuair Stage 1 e-Level 4-Corner Air Management Package w/ TouchPad (Electroless Nickel Finish) – Black Anodized 3 Gallon Tank, 1/4″ NPT Bag Fittings – Accuair Single Compressor EXO Mount Bracket System – Accuair Power Supply Kit (70 AMP Fuse, Weather Proof Fuse Holder, 90 Amp Solenoid, 25ft 6-awg wire) – Accuair (2) 3/8″ Exhaust Mufflers – Accuair Wifi Receiver (IOS & Android) – HP Drivetech | Bilstein Clubsport Front and Rear Struts – KW EDC Delete Unit. Wheels: HRE Performance Wheels – RS1 Series – 20″ RS103: Brushed Satin Red Clear Face, Gloss Black Lip, Satin Black Inner 20×8 / 20×10.5 HRE Carbon Caps