Switzer P800 GT-R


Our client brought in this GT-R with only 1000 miles on it, looking for a reliable way to give it more power without hurting the car’s street drivability. The Switzer P800 Package is a perfect compromise between gaining more power and keeping street drivability. It is one of the most popular R35 GTR tuning programs in the industry. With predictable, linear power delivery and no lag penalty compared to stock, these 800 hp road cars are ready and able to chase down anything on the road, from exotic Italian supercars to some of the fastest streetbikes around without punishing their drivers.

The Switzer P800 Package is a serious pump-gas performer that remains smooth and reliable enough to drive all day, every day. To build a Switzer P800 GT-R, we install, Switzer ball-bearing turbocharger upgrades, High-pressure wastegate actuators, High-flow intake assembly, Switzer MONSTER intercoolers, Switzer high-flow test pipes (down pipes), High-flow fuel injectors, Switzer fuel system upgrades, Switzer racing thermostat and housing, Switzer SS90 lightweight stainless steel 90mm sport exhaust, and a Cobb AccessPort.

To help with the flow and sound we also added the Switzer’s 90 mm, stainless-steel exhaust system made of the highest-quality 304 stainless steel. Great quality, terrific sound, and head-turning looks are only part of this exhaust’s appeal. This Kit takes an already stellar platform and pushes it to the edge of being a comfortable street car with plenty of power. The final results are an additional 182 ft/lbs of TQ and 220.9 peak HP.

The selection for this build was the ESS Tuning VT-2 625 Supercharger kit. The kit includes a Vortech V3 Si trim supercharger, cast aluminum ESS intake manifold with integrated velocity stacks optimized for boost, Bosch Motorsport fuel injectors 625 spec, all mounting brackets and hardware, and is managed by the ESS E-Flash reprogramming and diagnostic interface. The VT-2 kit it also includes a high capacity liquid intercooler system. The result is 7lb of intercooled boost pressure and a perfectly optimized, Dyno optimized tune with the removal of the top speed governor.

The impressive HP/TQ gains are graphed on the Dyno chart. Peak +149.2HP/+78.6TQ was achieved on our Dyno Dynamics Dynamometer. Neema further states, “Top end power is addictive. I drove the car hard in 95 degree weather with low humidity and the kit maintained consistent power.” With his newfound HP/TQ, upgrades to the brakes might be the next thing on his list. The stopping power of OEM brakes is sufficient, however, they are prone to overheating because of floating calipers and since they lack cooling ducts.