Ferrari 458 with HG Tuonare exhaust and Custom Dyno Tune

Client: Crooks & Castles

Our client brought in his 2011 Grigio Scuro Ferrari 458 after hearing the idle note of another 458 that we worked on. His interest was to get the same HG Performance Tuonare Performance Exhaust System coupled with a custom dyno tune to maximize performance. The car came in with Novitec Springs so we also added a new set of custom colored HRE wheels to push the already stellar looks of the 458 over the top.


Our Tuonare Performance Exhaust System for the Ferrari 458 is hand built, in house by our master fabricator, without catalytic converters or resonators. Starting from the headers, the system removes any flow restrictions unleashing the power of the 4.5l V8. Finally we clean up the tune with a Custom Dtno Tune by our partners Jailbreak Tuning.


After the Tuonare Exhaust opened up the engines flow, with the Custom Dyno Tune the car showed improvements of 10-15 HP and TQ throughout the powerband. The peak gains achieved were 41 HP and 27 ft/lbs TQ.