HG Performance Featured on Option Fans Magazine

It’s always nice to be featured in a magazine. It’s even better when such a feature includes the cover, a full-page ad and a 13-page story. Oh yes!

This is the case here, on Option Fans Magazine from Hong Kong. The entire story is a result of the hard work and dedication by our distinguished partner in Hong Kong, Marco Mak of Silkmonde Ltd.


HGMS / Silkmonde Option Fans Magazine Featured Mercedes A250

Mercedes-Benz A250

The main car in the story, as well as the cover, is a Mercedes-Benz A250. This car is not actually sold in the US (although I’ve seen at least one that was driven up from Mexico).

However, the A250 is very popular is various other world markets. Such is the case in Hong Kong. Given Mercedes-Benz’s good planning, many of us know that parts designed for other A-Class cars fit perfectly across the board on other A-Class cars. For example, the HG Performance Performance Parts featured in Option Fans Magazine were originally designed for the USDM Mercedes-Benz CLA 250. That said, they fit right at home on the GLA 250 and the featured A250. Same thing goes for the CLA 45 AMG… Parts also fit the GL 45 AMG.

HGMS / Silkmonde Option Fans Magazine Feature Spread 1

HGMS / Silkmonde Option Fans Magazine Feature Ad

Some of the HG Performance A-Class Performance products featured are the Performance CLA 250 Intercooler, CLA 250 Downpipe and CLA 250 Intake System.

Now, I can’t read what I believe to be Cantonese, but I can look at pretty pictures. This extensive feature is not lacking in that department. Ah, but thanks to Google Translate, if you follow the link to the web version of the story using Google Chrome, you can easily click the translate button that appears immediately at the top and get the gist of the story that way.

HGMS / Silkmonde Option Fans Magazine Featured Air Intake

The online version of the story: Option Fans Magazine Mercedes-Benz HG Performance Feature by Silkmonde Ltd


We Know Mercedes-Benz

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