HG SPEC F10 M5 Performance Package – Stage 1

Powerful. Reliable. The Ultimate Super Sedan.

Package Features:

  • Jailbreak ECU Flash Tune
  • AMS Downpipes (cat-delete)
  • Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust
  • Peak Horsepower Gains of around 18%

The HG SPEC BMW F10 M5 Performance Package Stage 1 is the perfect entry-level Performance Package available for the BMW F10 M5. Utilizing the best combination of products on the market, the Stage 1 kit guarantees power gains, with increased performance while maintaining drivability and reliability as a priority.

With the F10 M5 Stage 1 Performance Package, power gains of around 18% can be expected, in addition to the great acoustics of the AMS Downpipes combined with the Akrapovic Titanium exhaust.

Optional equipment include a catless downpipe by AMS (for off-road use only), and the choices of Carbon Fiber or Titanium Exhaust Tips by Akrapovic.




F10 M5 Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust

The exhaust system is made of our proprietary titanium and consists of dual-outlet mufflers with exhaust valves, flow-optimized pipes, and a unique cast X-shaped part with resonators.



Jailbreak ECU Flash Tune

Jailbreak ECU Flash Tune fully customized to your vehicle and dyno tuned to bring all parts of the Stage 1 Performance Package together in harmony, in order to produce the maximum amount of power gains.

ECU Flash


AMS Performance Downpipes (Catted or Catless)

The Alpha Performance M5 Downpipes are the ultimate solution for improving power, throttle response and exhaust note without sacrificing quality, fitment or design. An optional catless version of the downpipe is intended for off-road use only.


HG SPEC F10 M5 Stage 1 Performance Package

HG SPEC F10 M5 Stage 1 Performance Package


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