HRE Flow Form Wheels – The Time is Now

HRE Flow Form wheels are easily the most intelligent wheels on the market. There are more expensive wheels and there are more affordable ones. However, few wheels strike the perfect balance of performance, quality, weight, cost, fitments and options like HRE FlowForm wheels do.

If you want the top in quality, customization down to the millimeter and exclusivity, by all means, go HRE Forged. If a set of forged HRE wheels is not in line with your specific plans for a vehicle, then HRE Flow Forms is the way too. Given that HRE has FlowForm fitments for many of the world’s most popular vehicles, there is very likely a perfect FlowForm wheel for your ride.

Mitsubishi Evo 8 FlowForm FF15

Mercedes CLA45 AMG FlowForm FF01

Since we are in the subject of fitment… Wheel fitment can be one of the most complicated things to get right. You can measure all day long, yet risk not getting it right. When you are going for a very precise and tight fitment, the chances of it not being quite right increase. Plus, any change in the suspension or ride height and there’s a chance your measurements might not end up being optimum.

The awesome thing about HRE FlowForm wheels, and one big reason why we just called them intelligent, is that a lot time and testing has gone into each fitment. This means that if HRE puts out a specific FlowForm wheel width and offset, you can rest assured that it’s going to fit right. Whether it’s Mustang, CLA or an Evo, HRE has already measured, re-measured and taken the risk of getting the wheel made in the resulting dimensions. Then they installed and tested them to ensure they were right. Then and only then are the wheels marketed for that specific car. This means someone has done the heavy lifting for you. Now you can simply pick a model, a diameter that fits your car and the color and you are off to the races. (Almost literally).

VW Golf R FlowForm FF01

HRE Flow Form wheels are available in two styles. The FF01 is the most popular Flow Form wheel style and very reminiscent of much more expensive HRE forged wheels. The wheel is also very modern in its styling.

Then there’s the FlowForm FF15. This wheel is a multi-spoke design. It’s more aggressive than the FF01, and perfect for more bold cars like the Ford Mustang or Mitsubishi Evo IX.

It gets better though! For late 2015 and 2016, HRE Flow Form wheels have a new lower pricing structure. Prices now start at $575 for an 18” wheel! Cost goes up at only $50 per extra inch until sizing tops off at 20.” So that’s $675 for a 20” HRE FlowForm wheel!

FlowForm FF01 Wheel Blue

HRE FlowForm Wheels Colors

If you stick with Black (Tarmac) or Silver (Liquid Silver), the prices listed above, is all it’s going to cost you per wheel. If you’re feeling flashy and want more color in your life, HRE Flow Form Wheels are offered in a multitude of bright colors. Price for colors is only $125 per wheel.

HRE FlowForm vs Stock

Finally, but just as important as anything else here, HRE Flow Form Wheels are fully certified by the most important governing bodies in the business. To top that off, they are MUCH lighter than the equivalent size stock wheel. This equates to faster acceleration, better handling, better control and a more comfortable ride. All pluses.

If you want HRE quality and prestige, and you want it NOW, FlowForm wheels is the way to go.

Contact us to inquire about the specific model diameter, width, offset and PCD for your car. You choose between the FlowForm FF01 and FlowForm FF15, diameter and color.