HRE Open House 2014

Video by HRE Wheels

The 2014 HRE Open House had a much tighter feel than previous years. This year was nicely organized with a great group of vendors to compliment the HRE brand. The  “Star of the Show” was the new series RS1. They were beautifully displayed on a McLaren and a Baby Blue Aventador. HREs new series offers a sleek and aggressive look maximizing the visible length of the spokes on an 18 in wheel.

A great benefit the HREOH provides for HG Performance is the ability to introduce our customers to vendors such as AccuAir, Akropovic, Brembo, KW Suspensions, and Sabelt. Having a venue with a wide variety of vendors allows the customers to interact with the supplier of the product directly.

We are lucky to have friends like Danny Cruz from RallyWays covering all of the Southern California Events. We also want to congratulate him on the new addition to his family!!!  Read their full story and see the rest of their photos at RallyWays HREOH 2014.