The Dynamic HRE Series S2 Wheels

A super new wheel for a new era of super car — that’s the best description we can think of for the new HRE Series S2 wheels. Replace the word super with hyper. The look is definitely bold.


Specialty Performance Wheels

The HRE Wheels Series S2 line of performance wheels features an unparalleled combination of bold design and very intricate manufacturing, resulting in a wheel like no other. The theme behind every wheel in the Series S2 line very obviously revolves around complexity. The sharp angles and 360 degree surfacing go very much in line with the complex shapes spearheaded by cars such as the Lamborghini Aventador SV, Lamborghini Huracan, Ferrari 488GTB and Ferrari F12. When it comes to boldness and outrageous precision shapes, these cars are the ultimate in design. The HRE Series S2 wheels follow in the same design principles.


HRE Series S2 - S201 Lamborghini Huracan 5


Now, while HRE Series S2 wheels are born and bred for supercars, they will go very well on grand-touring cars and luxury SUVs. Wheel sizes attest to this fact with sizing availability in 20”, 21”, 22” and 24” diameters. Widths will range from 7” to 14.” For larger and heavier vehicles, the wheels will be built according to the purpose, thus offering higher load ratings when needed. Centerlock options are also available.


Models include:

  • S200
  • S201
  • S204
  • S207
  • S209


The Models

HRE Wheels Series S2 S200

HRE Series S2 S200


All HRE Series S2 wheels feature a modular 3-piece design. They are forged out of aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminum. The spoke surfacing is 360-degree, which allows for the ultra complex shaping.


HRE Series S2 - S200 Aventador SV 5


HRE Series S2 wheels are engineered to be very strong, yet lightweight. The resulting reduction in weight is aimed at minimizing rotational weight and unsprung mass. This reduction in weight improves handling, acceleration and even comfort.

HRE Performance Wheels Series S2 include a lifetime limited structural warranty and a 2 year finish warranty.

The bottom line is that the HRE Series S2 wheels combines HRE’s proven performance and world-renowned prestige with new and exciting designs that are like nothing else on the market. This is the wheel that captures the current supercar design spirit in a worthy aftermarket wheel for such a car.


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