JRZ Racing Suspension Partnership

HG Performance is proud to announce our partnership with JRZ Suspension Engineering. JRZ racing suspension systems are world-famous, championship winning, damper solutions.

This partnership will provide our customers with the opportunity to run one of the top suspension setups in the word. In order to demonstrate the prowess of JRZ suspension system we will be installing the suspension system into one of the most capable cars at our disposal.


Michael Lewis BMW 335i


The car to be equipped with the JRZ 11 32 motorsports dampers will be Michael Lewis’ BMW 335i track car. This is a car we know very well, since we built it. The fact that it’s such an intricate build with a very stiff chassis will allow the JRZ racing suspension to very clearly reveal its performance benefits.

The JRZ 11 32 motorsports dampers will greatly improve handling and, consequently, grip. This setup will be dialed in by JRZ Engineering’s USA representative Bryan Hise during a Speed District track day in December. Stay tuned for further results!


BMW 335i Race Car

JRZ Suspension BMW 335i