HG Performance Partners with MOMO Racing Products

We are excited to announce: HG Performance welcomes MOMO Italy to the HGMS Limited Dealer Group and its family of brands.


MOMO Italy

MOMO Italy is one of the oldest companies in the industry. Just recently, MOMO celebrated its 50th anniversary. It is upon experience that can only be forged with time that MOMO develops and manufactures its products. These days, some of MOMO’s products, such as the MOMO Prototipo steering wheel are permanent staples in the car tuning community – especially those that have classic Porsches.



The combination of classic timeless products and constant new innovation is what makes MOMO great. The innovation in products comes via real R&D from professional racing. MOMO supports racers and teams, but the motorsport experience doesn’t end there. MOMO runs its own racing teams. It’s one thing to sponsor a racing team, yet it’s a whole other high-level commitment to run your own team.


MOMO Porsche Hits Apex on Two Wheels


In the next season, MOMO is racing a Ferrari 488 GT3 racecar as well as a Ferrari 458 and Porsche GT3 Cup car. Additionally, MOMO is involved in various facets of racing. These include circuit, Formula-D and offroad racing.


New Products and Developments

With the deep focus on competition, MOMO’s innovations in the safety aspect of the sport are very notable. Most importantly, we got word directly from MOMO that the company has been ramping up their development of racing safety equipment. With the intense focus on safety equipment we are bound to see many great new innovations coming from MOMO in the next few years.

At HG Performance we are very proud to have MOMO as partner in our HGMS Limited Dealer Group and family of brands. Any MOMO product you desire is readily available through HG Performance.


MOMO Steering Wheels Catalog Sample

MOMO Italy Partnership Catalog Sample


Notably, the vast range of MOMO products is comprised of steering wheels, shift knobs, racing seats, forged wheels, racing suits, racing shoes, gloves, and more.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about the MOMO products we offer and how we can help add them to your vehicle.