NissFest 2015 – Nissan Track Day, Auto X and Car Show

The first annual NissFest was November 21, 2015 at AAA Autoclub Speedway in Fontana, California. This is one event you didn’t want to miss if you are a Nissan fan.

The event featured the NissFest Track Day, NissFest Auto X, and NissFest Car Show.

The track day was run with the Redline Time Attack event. All experience levels were welcome, as there were run groups for all levels. Instructors were available on site.

We at HG Performance brought out our street/track Nissan GT-R. We will also have a customer race car GT-R with us. Our forte is track prep and we are not new to preparing Nissan GT-Rs for track duty.


HGMS GT-R Profile


The HG Performance Nissan GT-R is a perfectly streetable car, with the added ability of handling track days without getting too uncomfortable on the road. It features our very own HG Design Nissan GT-R roll bar with harness bar. With a number of bolt-ons and a Delicious Tuning FlexFuel kit and tune, it’s pushing a healthy 910 WHP at the wheels.

The actual NissFest show was from 10am to 3pm, but gates opened for the track day participants as early as 7am.

Below is a handful of Nissan GT-Rs we have built or extensively worked on:


HG Performance Bulletproof Nissan GTR


HGMS Nissan GTR Roll Bar


HGMS Track Nissan GTR


HG Performance 1000HP Drag GTR


Finally, check out our Nissan GT-R chassis bracing kit. It’s the perfect way to stiffen up your GT-R further without adding weight. All the parts are all lightweight aluminum engineered to add rigidity, while using the least amount of mass possibly. Click on the photo below to go to the product page.


HG Performance Nissan GT-R Chassis Braces 4