TECHART Noselift Kit Porsche 997 GT3

Here we have a beautiful white Porsche 911 GT3 (997) on which we installed a TECHART Noselift front axle lift system.

The TECHART Noselift is a front axle lift system that hydraulically lifts the front of the car in mere seconds for clearing curbs, speed bumps or other road irregularities. The lift system raises the nose of the car approximately 60mm (2.4″).



In the video, we stopped the car every time in order to show the system going up and down. However, you don’t actually have to stop the car to operate it. The 911 can be lifted or lowered while in movement up to a speed of 37MPH. This will allow you to save time and not deal with the annoyance of having to stop to raise the car.


TECHART Noselift


It only takes a few seconds to lift or lower, and it sure is better than scraping or breaking your front lip. However, it gets better if you don’t even have to stop to do it. If you know you’ll be coming up to a big speed bump, you can press the button and raise the car as you approach. The system can also automatically lower itself after passing 37MPH. So if you forget to lower the car after leaving your steep driveway for example, you can rest assured that your handling won’t be compromised as the system can be set to lower itself.


Porsche 997 GT3 TECHART Noselift Down

Porsche 997 TECHART Noselift Kit – Down Position

Porsche 997 GT3 TECHART Noselift Up

Porsche 997 TECHART Noselift Kit – Up Position


The Techart Noselift system includes a lot of parts and it’s quite an involved process to install. This is one very good reason to have us do the work instead of attempting it yourself. It might also seem excessive to some people. Those people likely drive on perfect roads and have a near-perfectly level approach to their garages.

However, for a lot of Porsche enthusiasts, perfect roads and perfect driveways are non-existent. The Techart Noselift front axle lift system could mean the difference between being able to own a Porsche or not at all. That to us is a big deal in itself and we are grateful for such advancements in tech as is this kit. Get in touch today to learn more about the installations we perform and what we can do with your Porsche.