Upgrading an R8 V10

It is not easy to make upgrades to vehicles that are labeled as “Super Cars”. Often more common components referred to as an upgrades sits below the quality and performance level of the OEM component it is intended to improve. Times like these require us to look towards our partners that have exclusive track time and experience in extracting the most out each vehicle they work on.

An Audi R8 V10 falls into that category. The vehicle has had countless hours of testing done by Audi to make it both fit the title of super car and not go too far for consumer comfort acceptability.

Our clients feel these levels lean too far towards comfort. Leaving the driver with quieted engine sound, soft suspension, and ultimately less driving excitement. For this R8 we chose Ohlins TTX 36 adjustable dampers with custom springs that are set to meet our exact specifications. Helping the engine breathe is made possible by light weight and high flow Carbonio Intakes. For exhaust we go to Akrapovic for a fantastically crafted titanium system that extracts the last little bits of power and sound of the V10 engine.

Put together, these upgrades turn the Audi R8 V10 into a more powerful, exciting car that will handle superbly on the track.

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