What it Takes to Become a Mercedes-Benz Certified Mechanic


A common misconception is that all auto mechanics and technicians are required to complete the same training programs. This is simply not true! For specialized or high-end cars, mechanics are required to complete specific training programs that are often longer and more challenging. Becoming a Mercedes-Benz Certified Mechanic is particularly demanding; completing the training programs requires sustained commitment and drive. The individuals who successfully complete these programs are extremely knowledgeable about the parts, repairs, and subtleties of the Mercedes-Benz. 

Mechanics can become certified to get Mercedes-Benz certified in a couple of ways: through auto mechanic technical programs that partner with Mercedes-Benz, or through a partnership with the Universal Technical Institute. Below is more information about the training requirements for each pathway. Both lead to technicians that are well-qualified to service Mercedes-Benz vehicles! 

Technical Programs

The Mercedes Benz Automotive Systems Technical Program (MBASTP), founded in 2012, partners with the University of West Alabama and with Shelton State Community College to train students in the automotive diagnostics skills specific to Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The program prepares students to work in either vehicle assembly or in vehicle repair positions. 

Notably, the programs require six full terms of study at either the University of West Alabama or Shelton State Community College. It also requires that students work at the Mercedes plant each week to gain experience alongside the classroom learning. Students are paid for these positions, so they are under pressure to work hard and quickly apply the skills they learn in the classroom. These programs usually culminate in an opportunity to work directly with Mercedes Benz upon graduation.


Alternate Routes 

Mercedes-Benz also partners with the Universal Technical Institute to offer students two alternate pathways: 

The first is the ELITE START program, which allows students to work as a Qualified Technician after they complete the twelve-week program and six months of employment in a dealership. This program specifically prepares students for work dealerships that provide light repair and maintenance. Core courses include: An Introduction to Mercedes-Benz, Chassis Electronics, Driving Dynamics and Comfort Control Systems, and Engine Management and Pre-Delivery Inspection. 

The second program is the Mercedes Benz DRIVE program, which was created for individuals who already work at a Mercedes-Benz dealership, but who are keen to increase their skill set or work on more complex repairs. This training program provides funding through the manufacturer and is quite selective. The training program itself emphasizes hands-on work as well as workshop-specific drills that provide technicians with the skills they need to repair Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Courses include: An Introduction to Mercedes-Benz, Basic Diagnostic Strategies, Brakes and Traction, Career Development, Climate Control, Disassembly, Electrical, Engine Management Systems, Service/Maintenance, Suspension and Telematics. Upon completion of this program and six months of employment at a dealership, students are awarded a “Systems Technician” title. 


Find a Certified Partner to Care for Your Car 

If you own a Mercedes-Benz car, make sure to look for auto repair and maintenance shops that employ Mercedes-Benz certified mechanics. The robust training programs these technicians are required to complete makes them uniquely qualified to help keep your car running (problem-free) for longer!