Carbon Revolution

HG Performance is an official dealer of Carbon Revolution wheels. Carbon Revolution represents the future of performance lightweight carbon fiber wheels.

Carbon fiber is one of the most fascinating and technologically-advanced materials known today. Using carbon fiber, as well as a proprietary process, allows the manufacturing of the most advanced wheels in the automotive industry. When you want the absolutely best and newest wheel technology, Carbon Revolution is what you choose.

Carbon fiber is super stiff and is actually stronger than many metals, including aluminum, which is most typically used on performance wheels. The type of carbon used for Carbon Revolution wheels is very similar to what is used on a monocoque body of an F1 race car – much stronger than standard flat carbon fiber. The body of these F1 cars is the chassis itself. It is s extremely strong and designed to withstand extreme forces, extreme loads and impacts.

Carbon Revolution wheels are offered in various fitments, aiming exclusively at high end cars. Some of these include the Nissan GT-R, Porsche 911, MacLaren MP4-12C, Jaguar F-Type, Ford Shelby GT350, Audi R8 and more. New fitments are continually being developed based on demand.