Blue Label Auto – Black Ferrari FF

HG Performance – Blue Label Auto Collab

This is a classy Ferrari FF that follows the traditional Ferrari grand tourer formula of V12 front engine and rear wheel drive. The car is dark and sinister, but with a dark red leather interior. Where it goes to the next level is in the HG Performance installed mods from Novitec, DPE Wheels and Pirelli tires.

Let’s take a look at this amazing black Ferrari FF. This car is a collaboration project between HG Performance and Blue Label Auto. Its purpose is to be a classy and fast daily driver with long trip capabilities – pretty much what the Ferrari FF is supposed to be in the first place – but with a hidden secret.

Said secret pretty much stops being a secret as soon as you put your right foot down. That’s because the screaming V12 with the sound essence of an F1 car immediately shoots out of the tail pipes. Reason being, this is a particularly special black Ferrari FF.

It features a Novitec Group Stage 1 Performance Package with a custom exhaust system. This exhaust system starts all the way at the front while enjoying a perfectly crafted X-pipe in the middle. Out the end it loses the stock restriction resulting in the Ferrari V12 sound we know and love, but louder. The Novitec Stage 1 Performance Package also includes ECU calibration to take advantage of the mods.

There is no way the ride height would remain stock. The suspension is fitted with Novitec lowering springs allowing for a nice drop that still looks Ferrari-like. The wheels are by DPE in 21” at the front and 22” at the back. The satin black finish goes perfectly well with the overall sinister look of this FF. Tires are Pirelli P Zero Nero.

Final enhancements include a slew of carbon fiber aero parts by Novitec. These carbon fiber bits include the tail light housings, side skirts, rear diffuser and lip spoiler.

After all was done, the car was sent to CE Detail to get a complete paint correction and polish befitting its newfound stature.

The dark horse look of the build combined with the deep red interior makes for one astonishing looking car – One that drives and sounds amazing as well. We want to thank Blue Label Auto for selecting us to work on their car. Keep an eye out for it at SEMA 2015.