Droptop Dropped on HRE’S – Ferrari 458 Spider By HG Performance

Ever since its debut, the Ferrari 458 has become the benchmark and standard for all supercars in its class. Although some come close to it in performance, we have had a hard time finding a suitable contestant for its styling and beauty. And to up the ante on style, the 458 Spider brings it to a new level of striking.

After a couple of tweaks to the initial render, we pitched the idea to our client, who was very specific in how he wanted the personality of his 458 Spider to be. We chose the HRE Wheels S107 Series for its classic look and approach to design, which maintains the original design cues of the classic Ferrari 5-Spoke wheel, while modernizing it with a 3-piece construction and exposed hardware. In order to achieve a meaner, more aggressive look, the wheel gap would have to decrease and the 458 Spider would have to be lowered just the right amount. We wanted to lower the vehicle while maintaining ride quality and performance in focus. The best way to achieve that was Novitec’s Sport Spring Kit built specifically for the 458 and to work with the OEM nose lift kit. With the stance of the car now on point, it was time for the finishing touches. Our friends over at Modern Image wrapped the mirrors in textured black, to match the convertible top lid and sideskirt blades. And to finish off, the HRE Wheels are now holding securely to the 458 with the help of Tikore’s Matte Bead Titanium lug bolts which look nothing short of fantastic.