Enlaes Audi S4


The happy medium. Air ride suspension is no longer for the car show only lowrider. AccuAir has developed a complete system that not only allows the driver to have a slammed car for the shows. Using their E-Level technology Accuair Air Suspension offers the driver of three ride heights are at the touch of a button.

AccuAir has applications for a wide variety of vehicles from classics to late model cars and trucks. The installation of the kit is time consuming. The kits comes with compressors, air bags, height position sensors, wires, hoses, and an air tank. That means the system has to be wired, plumbed and the the spring replacement air bags have to be installed over the stock dampers. Every corner has its own control that can be adjusted independently from the others using the height positioning sensors. The tank gives a reserve of air that makes it possible for the system to actively adjust the ride height of the car. There are a few minor modifications that need to be made, but for the most part the kit bolts up as if it was OEM.

For moderate Canyon carving, and daily driving the AccuAir system provides a comfortable way to improve handling and stability. The E-Level system keeps your car riding at the right height all the time. The sensors take into account an increased load with more passengers or filling the trunk and adjust to keep the car riding level. The system gives you four to six inches of ride height adjust ability keeping functionality of the car when raised to level 3 and a more aggressive lower look at level 1.