After having a series of lower powered E9X BMW’s, Neema finally reached the peak of the BMW’s power lineup taking ownership of a 2013 E92 M3. After experiencing the M3’s OEM power, he came to HG Performance looking for an increase in power without altering the S65 power curve or decreasing throttle response. He had already done his own research, to which we agreed with, in choosing the ESS Supercharger kit. ESS Supercharger kits have been proven to be reliable on both a daily driver or track spec setup. Having installed multiple ESS Supercharger kits, HG Performance is well versed in the installation, calibration and break in protocol necessary to achieve premier performance, curtail heat soak issues and the longevity of the S65 engine while offering a ESS 2-year warranty.

The selection for this build was the ESS Tuning VT-2 625 Supercharger kit. The kit includes a Vortech V3 Si trim supercharger, cast aluminum ESS intake manifold with integrated velocity stacks optimized for boost, Bosch Motorsport fuel injectors 625 spec, all mounting brackets and hardware, and is managed by the ESS E-Flash reprogramming and diagnostic interface. The VT-2 kit it also includes a high capacity liquid intercooler system. The result is 7lb of intercooled boost pressure and a perfectly optimized, Dyno optimized tune with the removal of the top speed governor.

The impressive HP/TQ gains are graphed on the Dyno chart. Peak +149.2HP/+78.6TQ was achieved on our Dyno Dynamics Dynamometer. Neema further states, “Top end power is addictive. I drove the car hard in 95 degree weather with low humidity and the kit maintained consistent power.” With his newfound HP/TQ, upgrades to the brakes might be the next thing on his list. The stopping power of OEM brakes is sufficient, however, they are prone to overheating because of floating calipers and lack cooling ducts.