Project ILL Sti


After the motor failed, Carlos brought his 2013 Subaru STI to us to make it bulletproof and wicked fast. He already had general plans on the direction he wanted to go so we helped to make his dream a reality.

Not your everyday build. The amount of upgrades that went into the “Ill STI” makes it seem like a Track only car but its driven Daily. Beginning with a fully built Crawford Performance block, this STI received a full makeover throughout. Power was gained by combining custom engine management from Delicious Tuning with a Full-Race twin scroll kit highlighted by a BorgWarner 7670 Turbo. This build was not only about power though, the entire suspension of the car got upgraded SuperPro bushings. The overall handling of the car is improved by a set of KW Suspension Variant 3 coilovers.

The list of upgrades is 4 printed pages front and back. The result of those upgrades are superior handling with plenty of power to get you moving. every aspect of the suspension has was taken into consideration to give the driver immediate feedback and response. The engine upgrades make this STI have more than double the amount of power with multiple tuning maps to choose from based on where the car is driven.

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