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Heinz Gietz Autohaus is your Porsche dealership-alternative service center! For most owners, a Porsche is a special vehicle to be enjoyed for many years and we are here to keep these cars performing like new.

We are committed to improving your ownership experience by following Porsche’s guidelines for scheduled maintenance and by helping you avoid costly repairs whenever possible. Our services center around extremely thorough inspections of your vehicle so we can catch signs of wear before they turn into larger problems.

Porsche Preventative Maintenance

Many dealerships or service centers would prefer to wait until they can sell you more parts after they have failed or fully worn out but we have found that preventative maintenance will keep the car enjoyable to drive and save you money overall. The inspections also help you plan for future repairs that are noticed months or years before they need to be addressed.

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Porsche Integrated Workshop Information System

Our Porsche Integrated Workshop Information System (PIWIS-II) gives our technicians diagnostics and repair capabilities using official Porsche manuals that many independent shops do not have. You may find that others will solve problems by replacing parts instead of spending time to properly diagnose the source of a fault.

The PIWIS-II is also helpful for correctly setting fluid levels especially on 2012 and newer vehicles. We also use the latest Durametrics scan tool to supplement our coding and programming capability.

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Whether your Porsche is an everyday commuter or is dedicated to chasing lap records, we can help with personalized maintenance recommendations to suit your needs. Contact us today to find out why we are becoming San Diego’s most trusted home for modern Porsches!


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