What Makes German Auto Repair a Completely Different Ballgame

When it comes to German auto repair, not all mechanics are equal. It’s a widely known fact that German cars are well-made and tend to hold up well even with higher mileage. But in order to make the most of owning a German car, you need to make sure it is well cared for!


Why German Cars Are Different

German cars are simply built differently than other vehicles and require specialized mechanics. Below are a few factors that set German vehicle repair shops apart:


German Cars Need Special Maintenance and Repair Work

Taking apart a Mercedes requires a completely different skill set than taking apart a Ford or comparable American vehicle. This is especially true for older German models, which may need special-order parts. The general maintenance (tune-up, etc.) for German cars is also different, often requiring more frequent oil changes.

The key to taking good care of a German car is to prevent big issues from developing. If you take the car to a regular mechanic who is not well-versed in your vehicle’s unique tune-up needs, it’s possible that an issue could be missed, causing even more problems for you down the line.

In the event that you do need a big repair (after an accident, etc.), you will need repairs done by professionals who know which parts to order and how to install them. Make sure you take your car to a shop well-versed in specialized maintenance and repair.


German Cars Have Unique Parts

A car is a car, right? It’s not quite that simple.

German parts are often engineered for each specific make and model, which means even two Mercedes owners may require different parts depending on the model each person owns.

Each German car part is custom-made for the year and model. This attention-to-detail and precision is part of what makes German cars so reliable, but it does require specialized care. This all means that you will want to take your car to a mechanic who is trained specifically in the variety of parts required to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Mechanics who are accustomed to working with German cars will also know where to order the parts to save on time and cost.


German Auto Repair Mechanics Have Specialized Training

So what sets German car mechanics apart?

A lot of training. In order to become certified to maintain and repair German vehicles, mechanics are required to get specific training and experience working with German models. When you need to take your car in for a tune-up or repair, check to see whether the repair shop employs Mercedes certified mechanics.

Taking the car to regular mechanics who offer cheaper rates might seem like the smart decision in the short-term, but the longer-term performance of the vehicle requires a proper maintenance and repair team. Taking shortcuts will only increase the likelihood that you will run into a repair issue down the line.


Specialized German Auto Repair

If given the right care, a German car usually outlasts other cars. So if you are a German car owner, don’t waste the opportunity to keep it running for longer! Reach out to HG Performance if you’d like to learn more about our specialized Mercedes-Benz service and repair.