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Using specialized software designed specifically for your car, we can reprogram the Engine Control Unit on your Mercedes-Benz for maximum HP and TQ gains, throttle response, and linear delivery. Factory settings stop well short of optimum output. Our partner, Jailbeak Tuning, utilize our in-house to Dyno tune the ECU to get the most out of your engine. Your vehicle will receive a baseline reading to know exactly how much power your Mercedes-Benz is putting out to the wheels as a baseline. Based on the readings we make fine-tunes to multiple areas of your ECU to assure its working at its most efficient level. Because this is a custom tune we take into consideration the modifications that have already been done, or any that you intend to do creating a cohesive tune that incorporates your specific upgrades.

This graph shows a Jailbreak Tune on a S63 with no other modifications.

  • Red is Baseline
  • Green is after the tune

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