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The most effective way to improve the performance on the Tesla Model S is to lighten the wheels. The graph below shows standard wheel weights along with the weights of three popular HRE Wheels in a Tesla Model S fitment the Flowform FF01, P101, and P40SC. The tires for all are 245 width that match the rim diameter.

Wheel Front Front Tire Front Total Rear Rear Tire Rear Total
21″ OEM 35.4lbs 26lbs 61.4lbs 37.2lbs 26lbs 63.2lbs
19″ OEM 30lbs 26lbs 56lbs 30lbs 26lbs 56lbs
20″ FF01 26.4lbs 27lbs 53.4lbs 26.2lbs 27lbs 53.2lbs
21″ P1 21lbs 26lbs 47lbs 21lbs 26lbs 47lbs
21″ P40SC 25lbs 26lbs 51lbs 25lbs 26lbs 51lbs


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